Our Family


I was raised in Warren, Ohio and moved to Toledo in 1994 to attend college. I never left! I am a full-time nursing instructor at Mercy College of Ohio. I also work as a fitness and healthy lifestyle coach, which provides me the opportunity to share my passion for wellness with others.  I am a wife and mother of two boys who likes to spend her free time working out, trying new recipes, driving to ice hockey and swim meets, laughing at our crazy dogs, texting my sister, shoe shopping, and drinking delicious coffee with friends.


My Family

Steve and I were married during the summer of 2000.  I love him for SO MANY reasons, one being his inherent ability to sense when I need throw on my running shoes and sneak away for an hour!

We have been blessed with two silly boys – Matthew, 11 and Henry, 8. They are our motivation for modeling a healthy lifestyle. It’s our responsibility to teach them habits now that will benefit them later!


Luna & Watson

Luna (boxer on the right) joined our family in September of 2011. She may have been the “runt” of her litter…but she has a “big dog” personality for sure. We adopted her sidekick, Watson (lab/??? on the left) in October of 2012. He is large, uncoordinated, sneaky, climbs fences…and has somehow managed to steal our hearts.


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