Monthly Archives: June 2014

Intentional summer break


I have always LOVED summer. Hot, sticky, sweat running down your neck, cold swimming pool, up too late by the fire pit, summer. The boys have been going to bed waaaay too late this past week, making morning wake-up calls unpleasant. But I can’t blame them. I’m all wound up with anticipation as well! Smells of fresh cut grass and barbecue fill the air, our bikes are out of storage, flowers are in the ground and we have reacquainted ourselves with the neighbors after a brutal winter indoors. This Friday when school lets out, it will be official. It’s finally here!

This summer will be a different experience for the four of us. I’m fortunate to have a part-time schedule for the months of June and July and Steve is off on Mondays. For the first time ever, the boys will only have day camp twice a week. This is exciting…and a little scary. I am feeing a huge sense of responsibility to not waste this precious time. Eight weeks is going to fly by…I know it will. But I want to be “intentional” with how we spend it. I will be crushed if after the first 4 weeks I realize the boys have spent their days in front of the television while I had my nose in my phone. It can’t happen. We need a game plan!


That is my first goal. SUMMER. BREAK. UNPLUGGED. Not completely. That would be unrealistic. I haven’t figured it out exactly yet, any suggestions? I would love some advice!  We (as a family) have become entirely too dependent on our electronics, whether it be in the form of the television, iPod, Nook, iPad, iPhone…you get it… We all enjoy reading, but we don’t do it near enough. We have all forgotten how the sound of sweet silence can be a blessing from time to time. I have begun to “prep” the boys, along with a promise of weekly library trips for new reading material and plenty of alternate activities to satisfy our technology starved brains.

Move more!

Goal number two is getting us moving, even more than we already do! I’ll have fewer excuses to get my workouts in, so I’m challenging myself to six solid workouts a week. I’m going to be “adventurous” and try some new things to spice up my old routine. Yesterday Steve and I visited a yoga studio for the first time. I feel great today! The boys will be moving every day as well. Morning bike rides, swimming, walking the pooches, jogging on the trails at the park….unlimited opportunities to break a sweat!

Eat local!

Goal three is my personal favorite…ooooohhh….the summer fruits and veggies! Our local farmers markets will be spilling over with gorgeous produce very soon. We are going to try our best to support the local farms and plan our meals around what’s available. I have found area orchards that have pick-your-own peaches, strawberries, blueberries and apples! We can pick in the morning and bake in the afternoon!

Bloom where we are planted!

I want the boys to feel a sense of pride for the town in which they live. Toledo is a great place to raise a family. In fact, the only real disappointment I have with living here? The constant negativity I hear from fellow residents! Museums, parks, an amazing zoo, farmer’s markets, a beautiful ball park downtown, great local shops and restaurants. We have it good here. We are going to try our best this summer to support local businesses whenever we can – and help the boys explore what’s great about their town.

“Intentional summer break.” That’s my plan. Will there be an occasional rainy day on the couch with some movies, popcorn and M&M’s? Occasional Facebook check-ins?  I hope so!  We need that too. I just know the day is coming all too soon when “hanging out with mom and dad” won’t be cool anymore. I  want to be able to look back and know that I savored every last second when I had the chance.