You-won’t-miss-the-meat chili

chiliWhile we are (finally) seeing some signs of spring, Toledo weather is still a bit brisk. This week I made a meat-free chili that was hearty and filling, and thought I would pass along the recipe. We also made the cashew cream sauce to put on top (and it was delicious), though the standard sour cream and cheese would be great too if you are not avoiding dairy.

You can find the original recipe here:

I followed the recipe pretty closely on this one, except for the spices and canned tomatoes. For my version I replaced the dry spices suggested with a couple tablespoons of “Chili 9000” from (thanks Mom!), some cumin (2 teaspoons-ish) and a small amount of chipotle powder (I prefer it over cayenne). I also used 2 (15 oz.) cans of fire roasted tomatoes instead of the large can of diced tomatoes (because I really like the smoky flavor).

That’s what’s fun about chili…you just keep tasting it and changing it until you love it! I did use 4 cloves of garlic and I seeded and removed the membranes from the jalapeños to keep the heat down a little. I didn’t have any hot sauce, so I skipped it. You could easily change up the seasoning or the beans to suit your preferences.

My boys tried this one. Matthew was not impressed, but Henry gave it two thumbs up. Let me know if you try it out – I’d love to know if it was a winner with your family!


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